147: Busting Famine
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Just Joe and Christian, coming to you after a terrible week. We talk guns, ex-Judge Posner's book and humility, the right rules for disabled stoplights, the closing of a coffeehouse, and airplane seat reclining behavior. This show’s links: Oral Argument 101: Tug of War Richard Posner, Reforming the Federal Judiciary Steven Lubet, Richard Posner, Unedited (Part One) Zoran Tasic, Reforming Richard Posner Oral Argument 32: Go Figure (on Judge Posner's gay marriage opinion in Baskin) and Oral Argument 131: Because of Sex (featuring discussion with Anthony Kreis about Judge Posner's Hively opinion) WINIR How do you pronounce Utrecht? The Perfect Cappuccino Two Story's Last Day in Five Points (including a photo of Christian with the shop's last cap) Christian Turner, The Cost of Foregone Biergartens Oral Argument 31: Knee Defender (and see episode 32, above, for more knee defender discussion) Christopher Buccafusco and Christopher Jon Sprigman, How to Resolve Fights over Reclining Airplane Seats: Use Behavioral…