64: Protect and Serve
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We’re back. After an introductory, warm-up conversation about swearing (in which we do not swear) and travels, we talk with Seth Stoughton about policing in America. What should a police officer and a police force be? Warriors or guardians? Seth teaches us some history and shares his own experiences as a former police officer. Also how to pronounce Stoughton. This show’s links: Seth Stoughton’s faculty profile and writing Seth Stoughton, Law Enforcement’s ‘Warrior’ Problem (read online here if you don’t want the PDF) Seth Stoughton, A Former Cop on What Went Wrong in McKinney Seth Stoughton, What a Police Expert Calls the Most Ignored Cause of Cop Violence Klein et al., The Good Stranger Frame for Police and Military Activities Final Report of the President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing All Thing Considered, Police-Involved Shootings Highlight Problem With Law Enforcement ‘Culture’ Seth Stoughton, What Would a Better Ferguson Response Have Looked Like? U.S. Department of Justice, Investigation of the…