177: The Hard Drive Has Always Been the Enemy
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It's our annual Supreme Court term roundup, with special guest Ian Samuel. We discuss, natch, one case, Carpenter v. United States, which concerns the need for a warrant to get records from cell phone companies concerning the location of your phone. But there's much more, including: hard drive upgrades, the sum total of human writing, audio vs. text for messaging, emojis, AI and grunts, Supreme Court-packing / balancing / restructuring (16:37), what rules of procedure an enlarged Court should set for itself and what rules should be imposed on it (29:00), podcast lengths and listening habits (51:04), Carpenter v. United States(01:02:06), Batman movies, and Hold-Up. This show’s links: First Mondays Ian Samuel’s writing Ian Samuel, The New Writs of Assistance Snopes, Did Facebook Shut Down an AI Experiment Because Chatbots Developed Their Own Language? (no, but interesting) Oral Argument 134: Crossover Christian Turner, Amendment XXVIII: A First Draft Ian Ayres and John Witt, Democrats Need a Plan B for the…