18: Oral Argument
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We finally get around to talking about oral argument on Oral Argument. And, oh do we do so in style. Supreme Court advocate and SCOTUSblog co-founder Tom Goldstein joins us for a portion of the show to talk about what oral arguments are, whether they are worth their costs, what they accomplish, and more. Joe complains about absurd hypotheticals. Christian is unfamiliar with any other kind. Also, we begin with errata, in which we acknowledge Christian’s abuse of the English language. This show’s links: Tom Goldstein’s profile and law firm SCOTUSblog and its About page Oral Argument Episode 17: Flesh List, with Kim Krawiec Kim’s posts here and here about her appearance and with some follow-up information Subsume Oyez, a resource for, among other things, audio of Supreme Court oral arguments dating back at least to the 1950s The U.S. Supreme Court’s own pages for oral argument transcripts and audio Barry Sullivan, Other Minds: The Use and Uses of Oral Argument Epstein, Landes, and Posner, Inferring the Winning…