40: The Split Has Occurred
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This is the week the circuits split. We discuss Judge Sutton’s opinion for a panel of the Sixth Circuit upholding bans on gay marriage in several states. Although Joe and Christian mainly agree about this case, Joe finds plenty of other things Christian says and does to be irritating, especially during our first eighteen minutes when we discuss feedback. This show’s links: Michael Dorf, Why Danforth v. Minnesota Does Not Undermine My View About State Court Decisions to Follow Lower Federal Court Precedent Our episode with Peabody award winner, Tom Goldstein About typefaces (and the difference between typefaces and fonts) About King v. Burwell, the case the Supreme Court has taken up challenging subsidies on federally run exchanges; see also Christian’s take and Abbe Gluck’s The Unrecorded Podcast Michelle Meyer, Will the Real Evidence-Based Ebola Policy Please Stand Up? Seven Takeaways from Maine DHHS v. Hickox (which Christian wrongly attributed to Hank Greely, who has also written on Ebola, but is in fact…