16: The Whole Spectrum
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When you think of giant cable companies, do you find yourself wishing they could be bigger? Do you even find yourself thinking of giant cable companies? Whether you do or do not, you might learn something from our discussion with James Speta, who attempts to shows us the middle way on the issues facing broadband internet. Vertical and horizontal integration, bundling, packets, spectrum, and monopoly. We return to the law and policy of the network. This show’s links: Jim Speta’s faculty profile and writing James B. Speta, Supervising Managed Services Oral Argument Episode 10 with Christina Mulligan, with discussion and links on many of the topics we discuss, including the Comcast-Time Warner merger, net neutrality, Verizon v. FCC, content delivery networks, the Comcast-Netflix deal, pCell technology, and common carrier regulations Comcast, Press Release about its FCC filing on its proposed merger with Time Warner Edward Wyatt, Internet Choice Will Be Crucial Battlefield in Big Cable Merger Edward Wyatt,…