57: Light It on Fire and Shove It into the Atlantic
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We hereby deliver an evening episode comprising role-playing, word pictures, and other podcasting art forms to convey critical information on, among other miscellany: Christian’s week of broken things, follow-up on lines, math and the book of true reasons, Mark Lemley’s article on “faith-based IP,” imagining Benjamin Franklin’s lightning powered potato peeler, iPhone copycats, and, morality aside, the death penalty’s stupidity, and the measure of a civilization. This show’s links: The Wirecutter and the Sweet Home Oral Argument 55: Cronut Lines The documentary about people competing to win a truck, Hands on a Hardbody Oral Argument 51: The Faucet (guest John Pfaff) Euclid’s Elements About Paul Erdős Mark Lemley, Faith-Based Intellectual Property Frank Michelman, Takings Mark Lemley, The Surprising Virtues of Treating Trade Secrets as IP Rights International News Service v. Associated Press SCOTUSblog on Glossip v. Gross Associated Press, Utah Brings Back Firing Squads as Lethal Injection Drugs Remain Scarce…