128: Federalism-palooza
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We talk with federalism scholar Jessica Bulman-Pozen about how things get done in an age of partisan polarization. Executive federalism, the negotiated implementation of policy between the executive branch and states, not only leads to state-differentiated refractions of national policy, but, Jessica argues, is the right form of governance in gridlocked times. This show’s links: Jessica Bulman-Pozen’s faculty profile and writing Jessica Bulman-Pozen, Unbundling Federalism: Colorado's Legalization of Marijuana and Federalism's Many Forms Ernest A. Young, Modern-Day Nullification: Marijuana and the Persistence of Federalism in an Age of Overlapping Regulatory Jurisdiction Jessica Bulman-Pozen, Executive Federalism Comes to America James M. Cole, DOJ Memorandum Guidance Regarding Marijuana Enforcement Special Guest: Jessica Bulman-Pozen.