176: Ultimate Monday
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A full hour of pre-roll before our extended conversation (in the next episode) with Ian Samuel. Opening topics: Words, Joe's new paper, phones and their spam and locations. We argue about how to have an argument. Then we stumble into a psychological typology of judginess and prescriptivism. The heartland of the episode concerns the self, law, death, being and non-being, Joe's youthful fear of blindness, the external and internal point of view, the reality of firehouses, and law as a social practice for reaching acceptable social conclusions vs. law as a queryable thing. (Other potential show titles: Pure Pre-Roll, The Jerk Box, and The Jailor.) This show’s links: About "antepenultimate" (including links to "propreantepenultimate") About Battle Royale games Tim Dowling, Order Force: The Old Grammar Rule We All Obey Without Realising Joe Miller, Law's Semantic Self-Portrait: Discerning Doctrine with Co-Citation Networks and Keywords Carpenter v. United States Anil Seth, The Real Problem (on the problem of…