31: Knee Defender
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Our labor day episode, in which we discuss: Judge Posner’s castigation of state attorneys in gay marriage cases, professionalism (shiver) and politeness, the knee defender and recliners, airplane boarding and luggage retrieval, the exciting new adventures of the Town of Greece, satanists, and contempt of cop. This show’s links: Seventh Circuit arguments in Baskin v. Bogan and Wolf v. Walker Christian Turner, 404: Argument Not Found Paul Ford, How to Be Polite About the duty to rescue Paul Bloom, Against Empathy in the Boston Review, with respondents Richard Greenstein, Against Professionalism The Knee Defender AP, Plane Diverted as Passengers Fight over Seat Reclining CBC News, Fired RIM Execs “Chewed Through Restraints” on Flight Josh Barro, Don’t Want Me to Recline My Airline Seat? You Can Pay Me About the so-called Coase Theorem Stanley Coren, Is It Safe to Ship Dogs or Cats by Air? About boarding patterns on airplanes Dahlia Lithwick, Checking In on the Town of Greece Episode 19: The Prayer Abides (guest…