36: Firehose of Equality
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The Supreme Court this week handed down a series of landmark non-decisions. We talk with PhD candidate and commentator Anthony Kreis about the confusing, hopeful, exciting, promising, uncertain, and evolving state of marriage equality. In the wake of a (so far) uniform wave of appellate court decisions striking down gay-marriage bans, the Supreme Court steps in and … lets them stand without taking them up for decision. Why? And what is the state of law? What is likely to happen, and what are local officials to do? (And if you’re in a position to hire a Visiting Assistant Professor or Fellow, you’d be crazy not to try to hire Anthony.) This show’s links: About Anthony Kreis, his CV, and his twitter feed Anthony Kreis, Marriage Equality in State and Nation Amy Howe, Today’s Orders: Same-Sex Marriage Petitions Denied (summarizing the cert denials and containing links to the SCOTUSblog pages for the decisions striking down marriage bans in the Seventh (Posner’s “Go figure” decision), Tenth (also here), and…