95: Own the Block
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Do you have a right to film the police? Should people film the police? A lot of attention has been given to the use by police officers of body cameras (and dash cameras), but what about citizens’ filming arrests on the street? With Jocelyn Simonson, we explore the ways that the use of cameras both facilitates and is expression. This show’s links: Jocelyn Simonson’s facult profile and writing Oral Argument 64: Protect and Serve (guest Seth Stoughton) Jocelyn Simonson, Beyond Body Cameras: Defending a Robust Right to Record the Police Timothy Williams, James Thomas, Samuel Jacoby, and Damien Cave, Police Body Cameras: What Do You See? (an interactive NY Times feature using videos created by Seth Stoughton); see also Jason Kottke’s link to this piece, which also features links to related ideas in film direction The Chicago Police Accountability Task Force (with links to the report); see also Monica Davey and Mitch Smith, Chicago Police Dept. Plagued by Systemic Racism, Task Force Finds ACLU of Illinois v.…