130: Simian Mentation
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Joe and Christian discuss submarine statutes, the essence of decisionmaking, and the problems of complexity and institutional fit. And we discuss some viewer mail: on partisan cooperation between levels of government, Joe’s lack of knitting diligence, and supercomputers. This show’s links: Jessica Bulman-Pozen, Partisan Federalism; Jessica Bulman-Pozen, Unbundling Federalism: Colorado's Legalization of Marijuana and Federalism's Many Forms Christian Turner, Submarine Statutes Harlan F. Stone, The Common Law in the United States Marty Lederman, Why the Strikes Against Syria Probably Violate the U.N. Charter and (Therefore) the U.S. Constitution; Harold Koh, Not Illegal: But Now The Hard Part Begins; Marty Lederman, My Discrete but Important Disagreement with Harold Koh on the Lawfulness of the Strikes on Syria