10: My Beard Is Not a Common Carrier
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This is the one about the internet, that which is neither truck nor tube. Christina Mulligan joins us to talk about our beloved cable companies, Netflix, network neutrality, regulation, monopolies, common carriers, sunken and ancient computers, and her super-secret new project (which Christian suggests could yield an excellent new conspiracy theory that would make Logan Sawyer cry). Also we answer viewer mail. Because this is a super-sized show (pour a beverage), we also mention bonobos, Schweddy Balls, Candy Crush, Candyland, the odd shape of either my coffee mugs or Joe’s face, whether we should change our name to improve our Google search position, packets spewing from unicorn horns, and the pronunciation of Smaug. Christian announces the sale of his body parts. This show’s links: Christina Mulligan’s faculty profile, writings, and Twitter The Kythera Mechanism Kaiju Bonobos Owen Jones bio and writing Candy Crush cease and desist letters and recent trademark withdrawal Gramma Nutt, of Candyland fame…