53: A Satanic Level of Entropy
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We start with developments in an area at the core of expertise: speed traps. We continue with policing and, mainly, more on the Obamacare II case. We also have been told to expect an emolument. This show’s links: Michelle Wirth, Bill To Reduce ‘Speed Traps’ Gains Senate Approval DOJ Civil Rights Division, Investigation of the Ferguson Police Department; AG Holder’s prepared remarks on the report Oral Argument 52: Nihilism The SCOTUSblog page for King v. Burwell, containing the briefs, commentary, and links to the argument David Ziff, Halbig and the “Isolationist” Theory of Statutory Interpretation David Ziff, Halbig and the Problem of Creeping Constitutionalism Simon Maloy, GOP’s George Costanza Moment: The “Moops” Doctrine and the War on Obamacare coffeegeek.com’s review of the Gene Cafe Roaster