41: Sense-Think-Act
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November 15, 2014
Robots. What are they? Just a new sort of tool, qualitatively different kinds of tools that do things we neither expect nor intend, new kinds of beings? With the incipient explosion of complex robots, we may need to re-examine the way law uses and understands intention, responsibility, causation, and other basic concepts. We’re joined by Ryan Calo, who has achieved the outrageously awesome feat of earning a living thinking about robots. (It’s pronounced Kay-low. So Joe got this one right.) We discuss flying drones, chess computers, driverless cars, antilock brakes, and computer-conceived barbecue sauce. This show’s links: Ryan Calo’s faculty profile and writing Follow-up from listener David on Episode 40: The Split Has Occurred, Shelley v. Kraemer, and Buchanan v. Warley Lego Mindstorms Ryan Calo, Robots and Privacy FIRST Lego League robotics competition for ages nine to fourteen DJI Phantom Vision 2+ flying drone camera thing capable of making like this one and this one Mark Berman, National Park Service…