160: In the Barrel
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Steve Vladeck rejoins us on the law of civilian-military separation, whether Marbury v. Madison was rightly decided, and how his recent oral argument before the Supreme Court went (spoiler: amazingly but weirdly). (Ignore Christian's use of the term "basises" (wtf?) and other misstatements and inanities … you try recording ever week between classes….) This show’s links: Steve Vladeck’s faculty profile and academic writing The National Security Law Podcast 54: Family Ties or Family Matters? First Mondays OT2017 #12: False Idol (guest Steve Vladeck) SCOTUSblog page for Dalmazzi v. United States (including links to all the briefs and more) The oral argument: Oyez version, SCOTUS downloads, and transcript Oral Argument 137: Steve Vladeck Pincer Move (where we discussed Dalmazzi at the cert stage) Burns v. Wilson Marbury v. Madison William Baude, Exciting Developments in Supreme Court Appellate Jurisdiction: Some Would Call It the Second Coming of Marbury v. Madison United States v. Coe ex parte Bollman and…