151: Hungry Ghosts
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We talk with Dave Fagundes about sharing, abandoning, and property law's role in promoting happiness. Topics include the usual nonsense, notions of happiness, consumption and acquisition, charity, and home ownership. This show’s links: Dave Fagundes's faculty profile and writing David Fagundes, Why Less Property Is More: Inclusion, Dispossession, and Subjective Well-Being About Life Is Beautiful About Marie Kondo David Fagundes, Buying Happiness: Property, Acquisition, and Subjective Well-Being Roger Crisp's entry on Well-Being in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (including discussions of Bentham's notion and preferentist accounts) About Mr. Burns, character from The Simpsons Rebecca Solnit, The Loneliness of Donald Trump Juliet Schor and William Attwood-Charles, The Sharing Economy: Labor, Inequality and Sociability on For-Profit Platforms David Fagundes, The Social Norms of Waiting in Line Oral Argument 150: Shutting Down Hal (guest Christina Mulligan); Christina Mulligan, Revenge Against Robots…