116: Co-Authorial Privilege
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We’ve been asking for a true originalist to take us to the woodshed for all our prior doubts and dismissiveness of originalism as a method of interpretation. Enter Will Baude. This show’s links: William Baude’s faculty profile and writing About Ben Linus First Mondays Legal Theory 101 (and corresponding blog post) William Baude and Stephen Sachs, Originalism’s Bite William Baude and Stephen Sachs, The Law of Interpretation William Baude, Is Originalism Our Law? Oral Argument 113: The Entrails of Fowl (guest Charles Barzun) Lawrence Solum, Semantic Originalism Stephen Sachs, Originalism as a Theory of Legal Change Richard Re, Promising the Constitution Two debates about interpretation between Justices Breyer and Scalia: Annenberg Classroom and a joint Federalist Society and ACS event Richard Posner, Supreme Court Breakfast Table Entry 27: Broad Interpretations Radiolab Presents: More Perfect, The Political Thicket Mary Sarah Bilder, Madison’s Hand: Revising the Constitutional Convention; see also a…