43: Some Stuff I Like and Some Stuff I Don’t
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December 15, 2014
We’re back. Speed traps, the police, and Judge Edwards’ renewed attack on modern legal scholarship. This show’s links: Complaint in Jarman v. City of Grain Valley Elli v. City of Ellisville Oral Argument 7: Speed Trap and Oral Argument 8: Party All over the World City of Warrensville Hts. v. Wason (the speed trap case in which the dissent cites Kant’s categorical imperative and which we mentioned at the end of episode 9) About “contempt of cop” Raizel Liebler and Keidra Chaney, TLF Recommended Podcasts by and for Best Friends (recommending us (thanks!) alongside Denzel Washington Is the Greatest Actor of All Time, Period.) Michael Dorf, Judge Harry Edwards Is Still Unimpressed With Legal Scholarship Harry Edwards, Another Look at Professor Rodell’s Goodbye to Law Reviews