14: The Astronaut’s Hair
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This is the one about eggs. Human eggs. And whether selling them is like selling chicken eggs, teaching law school, or being a good samaritan. Lisa Milot joins us to talk about taxing proceeds from transfers of human body materials. We discuss Christian’s beard, astronaut hair, egg donations, oil reservoirs, how to pronounce Kim Krawiec’s name, speed traps, and follow-up on the US News episode. This show’s links: Episode 12: Heart of Darkness, the episode about the U.S. News Law School Rankings The Ranking Game, Jeffrey Stake’s do-it-yourself rankings website Jeffrey Stake and Michael Alexeev, Who Responds to U.S. News & World Report’s Law School Rankings?, forthcoming study of U.S. News rankings’ influence on student, administrators, and employers Lisa Milot’s bio and writing Lisa Milot, What Are We - Laborers, Factories, or Spare Parts? The Tax Treatment of Transfers of Human Body Materials Taxing Eggs: A Mini-Symposium on The Faculty Lounge blog Lisa Milot, Taxing Eggs Cory Doctorow, Life on the…