142: Normativity
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Jeffrey Kaplan joins us to discuss his work in philosophy on the nature of law, law’s connection to morality, and the way law gives us reasons to follow it. We discuss the connection with Christian’s work and also succeed (wildly but sporadically) in providing the usual nonsense. This show’s links: Jeffrey Kaplan’s webpage First Mondays Summary Judgment Jeffrey Kaplan, Attitude and the Normativity of Law Christian Turner, Models of Law Christian Turner, Legal Theory 101 (note the links and episodes on Hart, Dworkin, Fuller, Shapiro, and Hershovitz Scott Hershovitz, The End of Jurisprudence Stephen Perry, Hart on Social Rules and the Foundations of Law: Liberating the Internal Point of View Scott Shapiro, The Planning Theory of Law David Plunkett and Scott Shapiro, Law, Morality and Everything Else: General Jurisprudence as a Branch of Meta-Normative Inquiry Brian Tamanaha, A Realistic Theory of Law Brian Tamanaha, Necessary and Universal Truths About Law? Anil Seth, Your Brain Hallucinates Your Conscious…