137: Steve Vladeck Pincer Move
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Where federal courts, national security, and subtle but important problems lurk, you’ll find Steve Vladeck explaining things. Steve joins us to talk about a seemingly narrow question of the proper application a statute prohibiting civil-office holding by military officers. The issue, though, could hardly be more far-reaching, asking us to consider the principles of civilian control of the military and military non-control of civil life. Also, a little on the use of “treason” to describe the allegations of the Trump campaign’s collusion with Russian operatives and Flynn’s work for Turkey. This show’s links: Steve Vladeck’s faculty profile, academic writing, and blogging on Lawfare The National Security Law Podcast and in particular episode 21: A Military Commissions Deep Dive Steve Vladeck, An Unconventional Test Case for Civilian Control of the Military SCOTUSblog page for Dalmazzi v. United States (containing links to the opinion below and all briefing) Edmond v. United States In re Al-Nashiri Steve…