113: The Entrails of Fowl
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Is originalism required by our law? We chat with Charles Barzun about his critique of the inclusive originalists, the new movement to claim that an originalist interpretive method is not only a good choice among possible methods but is the method which is mandated by a positivist approach to our law. This show’s links: Charles Barzun’s faculty profile and writing Charles Barzun, The Positive U-Turn William Baude and Stephen Sachs, The Law of Interpretation William Baude, Is Originalism Our Law? Oral Argument 98: T3 Jedi (guests Jeremy Kessler and David Pozen) Scott Shapiro, Legality (Amazon and Google Books) Brown v. Board of Education; Jack Balkin and Bruce Ackerman (eds.), What Brown v. Board of Education Should Have Said Charles Barzun, Inside/Out: Beyond the Internal/External Distinction in Legal Scholarship Oral Argument 77: Jackasses Are People Too (guest Adam Kolber) Special Guest: Charles Barzun.