78: Listener Fuller
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Feedback on “the Cyberloquium,” theme music, affirmative action, oral arguments, podcast apps, Scalia’s opinion announcement in Glossip, the parliamentary system and complexity, postal banking, killer robots, villains and angels in history, and whether philosophy matters much in law. This show’s links: Oral Argument 0: Who Is Your Hero? Amicus podcast: 2015 Term Preview SCOTUSblog’s page for Fisher v. UT Austin Oral Argument 27: My Favorite Case The Oyez page for Glossip v. Gross, containing Breyer’s announcement and Scalia’s response (linked at Part 4) Overcast Oral Argument 56: Cracking and Packing (guest Lori Ringhand) Mehrsa Baradaran, How the Other Half Banks; Nancy Folbre’s review for the NY Times; Oral Argument 9: Torches and Pitchforks Oral Argument 75: Air Gap (guest Mary Ellen O’Connell) Oral Argument 76: Brutality (guest Al Brophy) Oral Argument 77: Jackasses Are People Too (guest Adam Kolber)