6: Productive Thoughtlessness
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Joe, Christian, loyal dog Darcy, a fire, some coffee, and melting snow. We kick back and talk about stuff that has been on our minds. This leads to three very different topics. First: we disagree whether the Supreme Court should strike down the President’s recess appointment to the National Labor Relations Board. Text vs. history vs. practice. Second: The Atlanta snowstorm traffic fiasco, in which we discuss mountaineering and computer programming. Third: What makes Dahlia Lithwick so great? Darcy makes a few appearances. This show’s links: Cornell’s Legal Information Institute SCOTUSblog page for NLRB v. Noel Canning Jay Bookman, Really, by now metro Atlanta ought to know better Object-oriented programming Matthew Yglesias, Atlanta Is a Regional Transportation Planning Disaster Tracy Thompson, What Does Racism Have to Do With Gridlock? Dahlia Lithwick, Bright Lights, Fake Kiddies