11: Gin & Tonic
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September 15, 2016
Jake and Lance explore the magical combination of gin and quinine tonic. Also discussed: weed and shakeratos.Jack Rudy mixersSmall Hand Foods tonic syrupTomr's tonic syrupSan Francisco UV IndexGin and Tonic, a Love Story at Roads & KingdomsThe Summer of Gin & Tonic at ImbibeHow to (Seriously) Upgrade Your Gin and Tonic at The Wall Street JournalCombier fruit liqueursGiffard liqueursLicor 43Fever Tree tonicQ tonicArcana in BoulderLlanllyr Source tonic waterCannabis Cocktails by Warren BobrowHow Mexican drug cartels are reacting to marijuana legalization in the US at FusionThe Homemade Gin Kit90 Second Sous Vide Gin at AnovaMorganthaler's tonic syrup techniqueQ Tonic HistoryTingala (not actually Szechuan peppercorn!)Building a Better Mixer (lime cordial recipe)Cocktailpunk bittersLetherbee distillersChilled Espresso, Shaken to a Froth at NYTimesCaffè corretto at WikipediaJungle Bird at NYTimesJose's Gin and Tonic at Bon AppétitHendrick's GinThe Hendrick's Gin blimp at AdWeekIs it legal to drink your own…