“Courtesy isn’t always reciprocated’ - Interview with Michele Raymond (SE #26)
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This week, we share our interview with Michelle Raymond, who is a former NDP MLA for the riding of Halifax Atlantic. She served from 2003 to 2012. Michelle held a relatively low profile during her career as an MLA - she served on the backbenches of the NDP government - but she had plenty of strongly stated, and eloquently delivered thoughts on the state of politics, and the life of an MLA. Some of the things I chatted about in my interview with her included: - what it means to be an unmanageable candidate and why she wished she’d been one. - the wealth of information and access available to MLAs, should they choose to use it. - the false flag of ‘privacy concerns’ that she says is more often used to protect the privacy of failing government agencies than the individuals they’re supposed to be serving.