43: When Sermon Illustrations Aren’t “Family Friendly” - An AOTS Minisode
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Thanks for checking out this episode of Art of the Sermon! Be sure to subscribe through Apple Podcasts, Google Play Music, or your favorite podcast app. If you enjoy this episode, leave a review on our podcast’s page in the iTunes store. This will help others discover the show! General Topic: Discernment and Pop Culture Sermon Illustrations Happy 4th of July! (0:41) Pulpit Fiction Podcast (2:04) Intro to the Minisode Topic (3:01) Step 1: Pray about it (4:21) Step 2: Don’t automatically reject something because it’s messy (4:56) Step 3: Let the stories of Scripture be your guide (5:47) Step 4: Use Philippians 4:8 as a test (6:32) Step 5: Just because it is messy or ambiguous doesn’t mean it’s profound (7:54) Step 6: Understand that the medium matters (9:08) Step 7: Be clear and intentional about why you want to reference something (10:09) Step 8: Are there other options? (11:07) Step 9: Context, context, context (12:04) Wrap up (13:00) Next Episode arrives July 20, 2017! An Interview with Rev. Allen Stanton,…