3/7/18 Wharton Moneyball: Sloan Sports Analytics Conference
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In this episode of Wharton Moneyball host Cade Massey takes listeners through a slew of interviews he had with big names in sports analytics at the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference. He covers everything from betting and the inter working of teams to innovation and the future of sports analytics. Check it out!Guests:Mina Kimes, ESPN (00:00)Ben Alomar, ESPN (18:00)Sandy Weil, head of analytics, Kroenke Sports (27:17)Kurt Lacob, Assitant GM Warriors (39:29)Chad Millman, Action Network (53:12)Jeff Ma, Twitter (1:05:29)Dean Oliver, Basketball on Paper (1:13:14)Brian Burke, ESPN (1:30:40)