World War IV & Google Translate Diplomacy
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This episode was recorded back-to-back with episode 3’s discussion of Rinascimento and Bourse. As a result we’d already had a number of drinks. And then we drank some more. So in this episode apologies in advance as the guys get a bit pissy while discussing the wonderful world of Diplomacy. This probably explains why Amby gets rather excited when he discovers from Kaner the “Finished” button within each variant’s page. Kaner reciprocates saying he learnt about the archived maps from within any game from Amby. World War IV - the mother of all variants Kaner and Amby get into this amazing map that makes this variant one with both the most players (35 or 36 depending on the version you play), and due to the number of territories and SC’s its also often one of the longest maps to play:Hats off to Tom Mulledy for creating the variant for the original 35 player variant and Tom Reinecker for the 36 player World War IV (version 6.2) variant.Amby kicks things off talking about how “drool-worthy” the map is. But yet…