A Very Diplomacy Christmas
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December 22, 2017
It’s Christmas time! The guys exchange Diplomacy related presents, talk variants in development, the Kaner & Amby Book Club and the Colonial 1885 variant. Intro The guys introduce the Osbourne Hotel in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley and their drinks (0 mins 05 secs) Amby explains the last podcast was late due to work business and then going on holiday. The guys then discuss their planned holidays including Amby’s trip late 2018 to North America (2 mins 50 secs) Kaner discusses how the mobile interface is now starting to get rolled out to webDip. Amby talks about the different nature of the forums across vDip webDip and playDip (7 mins 20 secs) Kaner also talks about zultar’s prize giveaway for Christmas at webDip (9 mins 10 secs) Amby and Kaner give an update on the new variants in development, starting with the massive 50 player Divided States variant (11 mins) Amby then shows Kaner the beta test game of Punic Wars over at the Diplomail Lab he’s playing. The guys then discuss their thoughts on the variant (14…