Game of Thrones/Dip interview with RUFFHAUS8
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Kaner and Amby talk about recent Dip changes across various sites, current games and Game of Thrones/Diplomacy interview with RUFFHAUS8. Intro and recent changes across Dip sites The guys celebrate their 20th episode! (5 secs) Jason4747 suggested that Kaner and Amby provide more background info on their drinks, so the guys try (2 mins 30 secs) Kaner talks about the new webDip forum interface (4 mins) Oli is back at vDip! Kaner discusses how Oli worked on vDip’s database of games as it was getting too large and needed resetting. This flowed through to player scores and reliability rankings (7 mins) Amby gives his thoughts on vDip using the same approach as PlayDip re: players who go away/return and how it impacts on rankings (14 mins) Kaner goes into a little more detail on Oli’s return to vDip (17 mins) The guys talk a little about nopunin10did’s ongoing plans to bring 1900 to vDip (19 mins) Nopunin10did is also organising a multi-variant Dip tournament called “Tournament through Time”. The guys discuss…