Variant talk & interview with Alex Ronke / nopunin10did from PlayDip
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The guys keep the drinking going and the Dip talk rolling with variant ideas and interview Alex Ronke/nopunin10did from Play Dip, creator of the 1812 Overture and Dissolution variants and talk exciting development news. Intro The penny drops for Amby after Kaner’s initial rambling start to the podcast (15 secs) They provide an intro about the interview of this episode with Alex Ronke, who goes by the pseudonym on PlayDip of nopunin10did (3 mins) But before that the guys go on a tangent about Game of Thrones and RUFFHAUS’ naming of various vDip players’ equivalent if they were GoT characters, and ask him to do an update of Dip players and GoT characters (4 mins) They talk about whether they should make an effort to go to a face-to-face tournament in Australia later this year (8 mins) Amby starts talking Bourse, even though the discussion is a little dated now due to the time delay between recording and getting the podcast out. Kaner says he’s a slack bastard for NMRing (10 mins 30 secs) Then its on to…