Modern Diplomacy and Sopwith
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In this episode the guys kick off a pub crawl and dive deep into the variants Modern Diplomacy and Sopwith, while also talking other Diplomacy stuff.Kaner talks about a recent Fog of War game he’s finished (Blind War + Less Draw) that he’s animated - and won! Kaner rambles off a few players’ names much to Amby’s amusement. (0 mins 57 seconds)Kaner acknowledges he had a bit of a hollow victory with many disbands much to his advantage. He discusses while under the “fog of war” he got many surprises along the way as he explored the map (3 mins 0 seconds)Modern Diplomacy 2 variantThis is one of the few variants on both webDiplomacy and vDiplomacy (5 mins 40 seconds)Kaner takes Amby off on a tangent by asking whether he’s going to the face-to-face PoppyCon tournament in Melbourne, Australia in December (6 mins 40 seconds)The guys outline the gameboard and context of this variant set in 1994 created by Vincent Mous and adapted for webDiplomacy and vDiplomacy by Carey Jensen and Oli. This game has ten players and…