Summer Diplomacy
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The guys discuss the cool Android app “Conspiracy”, recent Diplomacy variants being tested and talk shop. Intro The guys introduce the NEXT Hotel Pool Terrace and Bar, discuss the weather, Kaner’s take on the book about the Trump administration in “Fire and Fury” and move onto their drinks (0 mins 10 secs) Amby talks about his first ever time as tournament director for the 1066 tournament at vDip. He then goes onto discuss how the tournament is being organized and his thoughts on having access to the Mods area (5 mins 45 secs) Around the Grounds and general Dip chat Kaner talks about how he’s going in his WWIV Sea Lanes game (13 mins) They think the background noises might be too loud and decide to go to another bar - that being said when Amby edited the podcast… it sounded perfectly fine! They then address Dr Recommended latest recommendation for them to sing more often (15 mins 30 secs) The guys move to Ryan’s on the Park as the Irish Murphy’s Bar had really bad acoustics. Amby talks semantics about what a…