The new Dip variant Renaissance
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September 27, 2017
A new Diplomacy variant Renaissance dawns! The guys talk about all the new variants coming down the pipeline at vDip, “Balkans 1860”, wrap up the recent massive Bourse game and talk Online Dip Pet Peeves about metagaming. The new Dip variant Renaissance! BIg news at vDip with variant development ramping up. The guys declare a new Renaissance while Kaner reflects on many vDip players probably never on the site when it was pumping variants out every week or two (3 mins) Oli is updating the code base at vDip and is in contact with nopunin10did about bringing the 1900 variant across. Kaner then goes on to say that following the Balkans variant release, the Napoleonic variant is next to come to vDip. How fucking awesome! (4 mins) Amby gives his take on a slight tweak to the Napoleonic variant at the greatest extent of Napoleon’s reach. Amby reflects it would be very unbalanced but would be historically correct. The guys then go on to discuss whether you could do it as a 1 v 1 game with France vs the Sixth…