Diplomacy Dilemmas, Sengoku (Japanese variant) & the Russian Dip site
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February 22, 2017
In this episode the guys discuss late news, introduce the new Diplomacy Dilemmas segment, review the Japanese medieval variant Sengoku and do bad Russian pronunciations while examining Diplomail, the Russian Diplomacy site. Late news and game updates Flame has flagged he’s putting together a variant Lab. Amby mentions how Captain Meme and A_Tin_Can don’t seem to be making a Lab anymore, which is ok if Flame is doing so. Kaner points out Flame is one of the admins at http://server.Diplomail.ru - the Russian Diplomacy site (2 mins 50 secs) The guys talk about what variants they’d start working on if the Lab was up and running again. Amby says he’d do his planned Cold War 1 vs 1 game on the WWIV map, although if the Lab allowed non-standard coding he’d be keen to do his Nuclear Diplomacy variant. Kaner says he’d like to work on David E. Cohen’s Southeast Asia variant or “Fuck You Stalemate Lines” - a variant using a standard Classic map, but each territory would be divided into “sea lanes” rules ie 5…