Interview with Kestas, the “Godfather” of online Diplomacy
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Today we’re going back, way back. 2004 and Kestas’ creation of the code based that got WebDip, vDip, PlayDip and many more up and running. Plus a discussion on Bourse progress and the odd tangent or two. Intro The guys discuss Anzac Day in Australia and their family connections to Australia’s military participation (0 mins 10 secs) Then it’s time to discuss their drinks and Caxton Street (6 mins 45 secs) Interview with Kestas Kestas talks about playing the game and why he’s not the guy to talk strategy: rather he enjoyed building the adjudicator and forum. He discusses how the community slowly built up in the early days (16 mins 30 secs) Kaner asks about what issues arose during the early days of webDiplomacy (19 mins) Amby asks where the first PHP diplomacy instance went live (20 mins 50 secs) They discuss the rationale for why the code was made available as open source so others could download and share (22 mins 15 secs) Kestas talks about when he does play Diplomacy, how the game filled an itch when he…