Interview with Carebear, Online Diplomacy Championship & PlayDiplomacy (part 1)
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February 11, 2017
In this episode the guys discuss the cross-site Online Diplomacy Championship happening over at PlayDiplomacy and interview the tournament director Carebear. Fast news First up a quick update on the 1 vs 1 WebDiplomacy tournament and the shock news of Devonian and a number of other great players losing their games (2 mins 20 secs) It looks like the face-to-face DiplomacyCast podcast website is off the air again. Amby has emailed one of its co-hosts twice to find out what’s happening but hasn’t had a reply (5 mins 40 secs) Amby and Kaner explain how they’re getting busy in real life and will be changing their recording schedule. Basically they’ll catch up a little less often and record two episodes at once - which is what they start doing from today (7 mins 15 secs) Carebear interview Special note: Carebear asked if we could mask his voice a little, so we did our best… Amby explains he had some recording problems with his questions, so he’s tried to amplify his voice to make it clearer for listeners (8 mins…