Drinking, Diplomacy & sh*t cake
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The guys keep the drinking going and Diplomacy chats rolling on Bourse, variant testing and a Conspiracy app update. Plus the odd history lesson from Amby and discussion on shit cake. Intro Kaner discusses how CaptainMeme and a few webDip folks recently hosted a live vidcast of an online Dip game (0 mins 30 secs) They get around to introducing the Euro restaurant and their drinks. Amby gets a bit carried away with his wine and shares a story about his brother-in-law’s bad drinking habits and how Mrs Amby’s sister put in place a system to stop him drinking the expensive stuff (5 mins) Diplomacy Chat They start discussing the upcoming Bourse game. Amby gives his thoughts on Sealanes games and why he’s shit at them (13 mins) Amby shares another story, this time about shit cake (18 mins 45 secs) Then its back to Kaner’s learnings from the last Bourse and how he’s going to correct that for the new Bourse game (20 mins 45 secs) Amby discusses YCHTT’s suggestion of a proper market driven by supply and demand for…