Eliminations & the USA variant
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The guys lament their recent game eliminations, Amby’s poor Bourse game play and discuss the variant USA, a Classic wrap around map including the United States as an 8th player. Enjoy! Exploration variant update Amby and Kaner discuss this game that has just finished. Organised by Decima Legio, it uses the Fog of War classic map but with a special rule around communication. You can only communicate with a player that you have direct line of sight contact with: supply centre to supply centre; unit to supply centre or unit to unit (2 mins 30 secs) Kaner and Amby talk about how they both had bad games, Kaner getting eliminated first and Amby removed later in the game (6 mins 45 secs) Amby reflects on how he had a great opening as Germany, but that actually became his downfall as he was viewed by France and England as growing too strongly, encouraging them into alliance. Then as Amby attacked Kaner (Russia) at the same time Austria stabbed Amby. And in good order Amby was eliminated (8 mins) Kaner discusses how…