1 vs 1 (Part 1) & interview with Devonian
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This episode sees the boys tackle 1 vs 1 games while hitting many a technology glitch. From a bad Skype connection for Kaner during our interview with Devonian, to multiple times the recording dropping out during the episode. So apologies in advance. But otherwise please enjoy! Around the Board - game updates The guys give an update on how they’re going in the Known World 901 tournament in games three and four (2 mins) Then its time to talk about the ongoing Bourse game and how Amby has reached the point where he’s sure there’s no way he can win (2 mins 45 secs) Kaner has a giggle at ScubaSteve’s global press comments in the game and the guys give their views on how the players are doing (4 mins 40 secs) Amby explains how he’s turning into a vassal state and how more powerful states are using them (7 mins 45 secs) Amby gives his take on “how bozo does it” (9 mins 20 secs) The guys flag they’ve just started a Rinascimento game with a number of great players and their early pre-game thoughts on how it’ll go…