1066, big webDip news & many tangents
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November 17, 2016
The guys go down many Diplomacy rabbit holes and tangents. Our main focus was the 1066 variant but we also discuss current games for Bourse, the Known World tournament, Kaner’s WWIV game, new webDip variants, an update on the vDip development server and ideas for a new variant based on the American presidential election. Enjoy! Venue: Super Whatnot, Brisbane Drinks of choice: Kaner - Mysterio IPA from Sydney, Australia Amby - Mr Mick Cabernet Merlot from Clare Valley, South Australia Bourse update Amby and Kaner give an update on how the Bourse game is going and the strategies being adopted by various players (2 mins) Amby discusses the most recent turn went and how he’s a simple man when it comes to communicating about currency names (4 mins 50 secs) Kaner and Amby talk about perceptions of who’s “in” when it comes to speculation on currency buys (6 mins 45 secs) The guys talk about the spreadsheet and graph the players are using to help inform their decisions. Amby describes how he applies a lens over the…