Interview with zultar from webDiplomacy & the Ancient Mediterranean variant
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In this episode we take a deep dive into webDiplomacy and also one of its variants, the Ancient Med. The guys celebrate the conclusion of the Diplomacy World Cup with a webDip player - Demon Overlord - coming in 3rd (30 secs) Kaner discusses how one of the guys at webDiplomacy has created a pilot “Diplomacy - the Game Show”. Amby and Kaner give their thoughts on it and some possible tweaks to improve it further (3 mins 55 secs) The guys pose the question why more women don’t play Diplomacy (7 mins 20 secs) Kaner discusses the backlog of Mod issues at vDiplomacy and has discovered he’s now an Admin. He talks about what magical powers he now has (9 mins 40 secs) Interview with zultar, co-owner of webDiplomacy The guys talk about how they both started out at webDip when they started playing web based Diplomacy (13 mins 30 secs) After a bit of a false start Kaner kicks the interview off properly (16 mins 30 secs) Zultar explains when he first joined webDip as a player and his role as co-owner with Kestas (17…