Live games, Colonial Diplomacy & metagaming a******s
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Kaner and Amby get talking about playing metagaming arseholes, live Diplomacy games online, the variant Colonial Diplomacy, possible variant ideas and get more entertaining after many more drinks This episode is a back-to-back recording again at the Breakfast Creek Hotel. Amby pays homage to Aussie rock band “Midnight Oil” and their lyric about the pub in the song Dreamworld, and their disappoint in the political career of its lead singer (Peter Garrett) (20 secs) Metagaming arseholes Kaner gets hot under the collar about his recent experience with metagamers: people who come into a game with a preconceived alliance and will not vary from it (2 mins 30 secs) The game was the very last to be played Known World 901 game at WebDiplomacy (2 mins 45 secs) Kaner explains the difference between metagaming and multi-accounting. He talks about a useful thread on webDip that discusses this (4 mins 45 secs) Kaner blows off some more steam, and then explains what happened to the game after the metagaming was discovered…