Long while between drinks & PlayDip’s “Dissolution” forum variant
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After a full month and a half between episodes Kaner and Amby catch up on their games, with a deep dive into PlayDip’s forum game “Dissolution” - a variant about the breakup of the Soviet Union. The guys kick things off by acknowledging YouCan’tHandleTheTruth’s recent efforts to still get orders in for his game despite having a heart attack! Hope he recovers quickly (30 secs) Kaner fills listeners in about Mrs Kaner’s European trip (2 mins 45 secs) Correction from Episode 15 about Amby’s personal experience on PlayDip. Super_Dipsy provides his feedback on Amby’s experience (reproduced below.) Amby also explains how he still is making the odd mistake in submitting orders on PlayDip. Super_Dipsy has provided the following screenshots to show how to not screw up as much as Amby originally did - go to the show notes at DiplomacyGames.com for these. Kaner and Amby discuss strategy around last minute submission of orders and how it can blow up in your face (13 mins) Super_Dipsy is rating the podcast on iTunes… and…