Fog of War, Mods and new development talk
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September 23, 2016
In this episode we check out the Fog of War variant of Classic, talk about the role of Mods and what to bring to their attention and conclude with new development server talk that may get variants up and running again for the Dip community! Apologies up front on how the ambiance gets louder and louder as more people arrive in the pub! If this pisses you off too much a) go have a drink or two yourself or b) let us know to go somewhere quieter! How do Moderators (Mods) work? Both Kaner and Amby have been Mods in the past for vDip, they discuss their prior experience and how it varies between vDip and webDip:vDiplomacy - link is in the top right. You can only see posts you have raised with the ModsIt’s the place to bring up concerns about multi-accounting with fake accounts or suspected meta-gaming. Amby discusses how he suspected this occurred in a game and how he raised this with the ModsKaner discusses contacting the Mods where there are technical problems, where a player feels another player has crossed the…