Too many games
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So many variants, so many games and too little time. Intro The guys planned to keep the “Shit Cake” theme going from last episode by going to a cake shop bar called “Cakes and Shit”, but it wasn’t that good. Instead they’re recording from the APO (1 min) They discuss their drinks and announce the Diplomacy Games podcast, playDip, vDip and webDip have been featured in an article by Jason4747 in the Diplomacy World quarterly magazine (1 min 30 secs) They digress a little and talk about playing Diplomacy by snail mail (7 mins 30 secs) Kaner has decided he’s no longer playing games with phase periods of 24 hours and less and explains why (9 mins) Around the grounds The guys slowly and informally segue into Around the grounds with Kaner discussing his Western Known World game. In addition to the problems with 24 hour phases he felt a little screwed on not being able to transform units, which Amby agrees particularly with Denmark’s opening position (10 mins 45 secs) They move onto discussing the new variants…