Interview with Technostar about “Divided States”
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The guys interview Technostar, creator of the “Divided States” variant and discuss their in-game experience with it so far. Intro The guys introduce the Buffalo Bar and how Australia doesn’t do American bars or pretending to be America in movies very well (0 mins 10 secs) They set the scene about this episode focusing on the interview with Technostar and about Divided States (5 mins) Amby apologises about the last episode’s poor audio quality and they discuss plans for anyone dead keen to donate to the show using Patreon to improve the audio quality, before jesting whether some folks would prefer to donate to getting us more drunk! (6 mins) Interview with Techostar, creator of “Divided States” Kaner starts giving a bit of an intro about the interview with Technostar (8 mins) Amby welcomes Technostar and asks him about him getting into Diplomacy and what he likes most about the game (0 mins 25 secs) Amby asks about Technostar’s gameplay philosophy (3 mins 50 secs) Kaner asks about Technostar’s strong position…